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To All Members, Please Read
No none I believe thinks that a member is banned for no good reason. Cricket has a lot of wisdom. So as Charon above all. Safety has become more critical those days . If someone does not like this forum there are many other forums were he can go and behave as he or she wish when closing this door behind . Some rules come and go but basic ones are so important no one can neglect or forget to respect. From my experience I am afraid I have to say that it is good to use and post in forum while been sober and I believe you get the meaning of what I say . Not doing so while been in a cloud or not whith clear mind can be fatal for keeping your membership . Those who have eyes to read and clear mind to think know what I mean.
Yes I think what nickolyko has stated is a fair point but not the only reason, some people do it / say it knowing that it is the wrong thing to say, while others make a genuine mistake. I lost my password as computer cashed, and tried many times to get back in including making extra accounts, Adim picked this up and questioned me, but then (Charon) contacted me by email and asked what was going on, I explained and this was excepted as a fair answer, and so help was given and I got another chance, but this could have gone down a different road so it seems as it was stated : its nice to be talked to in a nice manner, and not threatened) So it comes to to communication with the Admins, they have a lot to deal with that we don't see on here, and sure they may not always make the best call, but we all have our off days. ( now I keep an eye on my warning level these days) lol
alsmom360, you will find the best kidders for many a mile here.

I’m not lost, I’m exploring.
I'm looking forward to getting in my posts but also want to make sure I follow the rules which I believe are very good rules. I'm not in a hurry and getting to know you good people has been worth it. As time goes on you'll know me too. Smile

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