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Daily stresses for people with what ever life trows at you
Jade, Fire, Jcln, it's nice having you all here. We are survivors. We can be mad sometimes, we can feel sad, but we have each other to lean on. Fireplaces, you always have a nice word for everyone. JCLN, I can tell you are a caring person, and I'm sorry for the loss of your mom. Jade, I know u had a rough start here, but I'm glad you pushed through it, like you seem to do with everything. And I'm glad you have a medical background, so you understand painkillers, and tylenol. Much love, understanding, and FULL ACCEPTANCE from me.

This is a great thread I was actually thinking the other day about making something like this. I just never saw this until now. It's great we can all come together to help each other. I'll be posting here soon. Sometimes you just gotta get stuff off your chest to anyone to make you feel better.
Well said, Kdizz!
Seems to me, everyone I know has Anxiety, depression or stress in their lives. I'm surprised this thread hasn't taken off. Maybe we all just want to ignore it. It's the US of A. Isn't that in our Constitution now somewhere?

I know I'm making light of a serious subject. I hope everyone that suffers doesn't do so alone.
just a fact of modern life i suppose, cant really get away from it.
but then was life ever stress & worry free?
(03-23-2016, 01:57 AM)anxiety_sucks Wrote: just a fact of modern life i suppose, cant really get away from it.
but then was life ever stress & worry free?

It was for me up until i got to about 13/14 and my eyes started to open,think after leaving school it got worse,saying that it didn't feel as stressful 20 years ago compared to what its like now.
All this technology was supposed to make life easier,a world of leisure awaits we got told,thing is that leisure costs money usually,most of us aint rich folk so whats it going to be like in another 20 years if stress levels in folk are high now?
Makes me shudder at times,if i reach 70 i'll be a damn walking(?) medical miracle.

Doubt i'll feel like a cake Harley(found that a funny one to read),maybe a crumbling cake in 20 years.
aye theres definitely a "hollowness" about modern life, myself i eschew most of it, but was raised around the internet.
The great thing I have enjoyed is watch members come together to help each other .well done
i only have one vendor and thats our Dusko 
nothing suceeds like excess , Oscar wilde  
Well Nonoo, give yourself a big ol pat on the back as you contributed to that with this thread here.

Funny, that I see this today as whilst working we were talking to "Simpler Times" and then I, um, sorta, okay I did, ruin the conversation when I pointed out that we had reached the point of sounding like our parents. I felt like I needed to run and hide before one guy who looked at me with the "Oh no you didn't. I'm gonna kill you look" (in jest) came after me. Boy, did I ever strike a cord, but it sort of was true..................

Anyway, got back in good graces as I went out for lunch and stopped by this small store around the corner for other stuff and the lady who owns it had just made some Polish Strawberry Paczki, like a stuffed Doughnut and I brought back some for everyone.

I made it out alive!!!
Nice story, Harley.  Made me smile, and shake my head because I know I sound like my parents more as I get older (and swore I wouldn't when younger!)

I've always had terrible anxiety since young.  Anxiety and OCD run on both sides of my family, so I think it was probably unavoidable for me.
Then life events, added to my nature, resulted in big old anxiety disorder, and PTSD as well.

I wanted to ask if anyone here has episodes of PTSD that can become so severe it causes physical symptoms?  Or knows about that?

Experienced this at past holidays and weeks into 2016, worst ever I think.  Has taken me couple months to get it under control (if it is)...
However, I'm not sure if it was strictly PTSD or if the anxiety, nightmares etc perhaps caused my medical condition to flare up, and maybe it was not PTSD that directly caused the severe physical problems for me?  It sure felt like the PTSD was attacking my entire body.

Thanks in advance for any info on this.
"Let your tongue speak what your heart thinks."   --Davy Crockett

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