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In a Funk
Sorry Harley and you to The Walkin Dude. Been in the doldrums to many times to count! A year ago I prayed and worked hard at fighting this, and I am a new man! I try to do my best and that is all I can do. Have kept hundreds of thousands of fish alive for the last decade and last year lost 12,000 in a week. So down and stressed, but stress is now virtually gone from my life. Of course we will all have stressful moments or days but they will pass I promise! My father, who is my idol, best friend, and Buddy was given a year to live from his oncologist last week. Really put things in context. Such a short walk on this earth, try despite the funk to find beauty in something everyday. Open your eyes, it is all around you! Smile at people and say Hi. Little kind jestures to others make you feel good and giving thanks for our time on this earth and appreciating all our blessings is a good start to healing. Best to you! ff

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