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UK suppliers

This your second warning.

You posted 6 or more since I warned you that you had posted 5 for the day.

Maybe you did not see the warning until then but I find it had to think that because it show up beside your member name in red.

Please Re Read Rules Today

1. Its compulsory for each newly registered member to introduce self in the Welcome Threads click this, Welcome Center section.  Use “Post A Thread” Button.
Oh bars are available in UK. Used to use someone there a lot . But prefer a different brand. Keep looking.
Your better off with 2 1mgs than a bar in the UK
I've been looking to find the bars myself recently, they seem very difficult to get hold of though.

I've got one personal source who sells 2mg bars. 3 bars for £10 which is pretty expensive. To be fair though any meds this particular person sells always tends to be on the steep side. How does that price vary to other peoples sources?
get 5 for a tenner round my neck of the woods thought them overrated myself blue is the colour hope that helps
"The worst loneliness is not to be comfortable with yourself"
Just stick with footballs. Never understood the obsession over bars. Heck two footballs are probably even smaller and the same dose!
Wouldn't trust those bars that are knocking about, where i stay there has been at least 2 deaths from taking xanax, god knows whats in those things, as has been said, stick with footballs, stay safe .
omg, GE. and don't forget that in the UK area, we heard of deaths from The Blue Valium. No idea what is in it, but for blue dye and death.

If the blue starts to rub off on ur lips, throw them away.

I saw a thread and the person was concerned about which types of PKs were being tainted. We cannot possibly know. Could be any from an untrustworthy vendor.

And, i wanted to add to that thread, that don't feel so safe with a benzo of chance. Because i read that the insane culprits of these acts make millions and millions even when the clients die. They are not looking for repeat clients.

We heard about the Blue Valium in the UK area moreso than here. Then all went quiet.

But, never assume that a sample pill, or a pill from a less than honorable vendor may not be the last one u ever take.

Another forum was devestated by many many deaths two christmases ago.

You gotta remember that unknown and non vetted vendors may have very nefarious reasons behind selling you their wares.
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Maybe its a little bit off topic, but it is concerning the UK and mostly EU. Did you had any problems with deliveries, vendors and so on the last week or two? Because it seems to be possible another Pangea operation can be in run. Got this info from another forum, and i dont know if its only coincidence or there is really something going on, but suddenly my vendors went silent...
I know that this forum is mostly for US based, but maybe there could be more space also for EU people. Generally, post inside EU countries is not checked, but with those Pangea stuff, they will and actually do check a lot of mail, you can search for Pangea X from last year. I personally have some strange feeling something is happening, but im praying to the God that everything will went OK. At least, we are people with illness and really needs our meds, and being criminalized for this is bad i think
Today in the BE news they talked about a r@id (0peratie @phr0dite) / inspection with several country's.
Target items: Fake products (anything) / m*ds.

Country's who contributed: Intellectual Property Crime Coordinated Coalition) Europol, italy Guardia di Finanza . police Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Greece, Ireland, Portugal, Spain and the United Kingdom.

If u want the full article, pm me.
(Charon, if this is to much info, it was not intended, modify / remove my post if needed. i did this to help.)

Edit: i copied kristof's post on this, and i don't have the link. So, as he suggested, please PM him for full link if so inclined.

Here is the link that includes kristof's Pm address.
Angel  It is Well with My Soul  Angel

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