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Avoid windows 10
(11-03-2015, 05:10 PM)Grandote Wrote: They push it on us constantly, its free because it isn't worth anything. It is full of spyware and phones back home to ms everything you are doing. You don't need it. Also, they send updates to win 7 and 8 making them do similar things. 

Go to control panel, programs, windows updates and look for these updates


If you see any of those or all of them, delete them. It takes a couple minutes each and after you are done, restart the computer. These "updates" allow microsoft to spy on you much like win 10 does. Any anything ms collects, the govt will have its nose into, we all know that. If you don't want to be low hanging fruit for le to pick when they have nothing better to do, delete these update. Also its recommended to use a proxy, or a vpn, or tor, and pgp. Then you become the impossibly tough one to catch and they settle for those who dont take any precautions.

I wasnt sure where to put this since we don't have a security type forum.

You were certainly ahead of the curve by condemning this, Grandote. Everyone, and their brother, were pushing in a couple of years back. I wish that I was a member back then and saw this post. I had 10 for a brief time and chucked it, for all of the reasons that you mentioned. I went on Craigslist and had someone build me a PC with an older version of Window's on it.  RM
ditto i know ms is shady i hate win10 constant updates,last one being almost 10gb in size 0_o ,but as spying goes i dont care i have AV for stupid sites i visit to watch movies shows and gaming, but data collection when you have billions users of windows they can collect all they want so much data even procesing by custom words it would take decades,plus US is EU and most of Asia is tapped into whole networks to spy on all data so in reality windows 10 might be spying your isp might be spying and whole internet is filtered.everyone knows it and no one really cares.

ex look at facebook, people post every minute what they do full family home relative photos, if they go on holidays what they do - they do it voluntarily.

simple advise if you do smth that requires privacy and no crap left behind, make simple usb linux live stick, that way whatever you browse type wont be ever saved on your pc,since its erased minute you plug it out and reboot.

Since im amazed so many people use PCs daily just for browsing and youtube facebook etc, and linux is completely free with options like no crap software no delays and live boot and is simple to use as any other OS since GUI graphical interface is even better then most OSes these days.
What if I don't see those updates?  All mine start with a 4.
I keep one Windows laptop at home, running Windows7 / dual boot lUbuntu.  All of my other machines are Ubuntu Linux (licensed), with a hardening kit a friend at Georgia Tech put together while he was working on his Master's.  There's an Ubuntu DMZ laptop between the cable router and the rest of the network, and of course all machines are running StrongVPN (when they aren't running Tails).

Can't be too careful - And Bill Gates has enough money ;-)
A tree is known by its fruit; a man by his deeds. A good deed is never lost; he who sows courtesy reaps friendship, and he who plants kindness gathers love.

-- Saint Basil

Windows 10 is the worst os I've ever had the displeasure of using. You are granted zero privacy and opsec. Microsoft has been known to grab screenshots of random computers for "research purposes." I look forward to the transition to Linux.

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