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Avoid windows 10
They have started to mess with my computer every night now around 2 am. I see the dirty updates back time after time. The one good thing is they are all together near the top so I can re delete them. I plan to disconnect from the internet at night from now on so they can't keep doing it.

That last update KB2952664 apparently can't be deleted by ordinary means. I deleted it today and checked right after restarting my computer and it was already back. There is a way to get rid of it but I have to research first. There is also a way to block certain windows updates which I'm trying to learn

Carog, do you have any tips?
Hey Grandote,

Take a look at this page: (just add the usual http:// and the www. when u do.)

The Windows 10 tracking/spying crap annoys lots of people and there are some tools to help that are discussed.

(Would still recommend installing Linux if you want total control over your PC though. Most of the good Linux distributions like Ubuntu or Mint will allow you to do a dual boot system where it prompts to boot into Windows or Linux when you startup. That way you could use Linux for browsing and communicating but still have Windows for other stuff.)
M$ will stop at nothing in order to peek up your (.)

I'm holding off upgrading to W10 until the last possible moment.
I won't do it, if w10 is the only thing that will work, I will go to linux of some flavor. My next computer will be linux. It will have a partition and I might put something else on the other side. I will get a solid state hard drive. That is the main thing that goes wrong on computers besides the fans.

Not really sure about this one yet but its got potential
I don't know enough about Windows 10 yet (haven't upgraded any of my home desktops or PCs, and don't plan to), but after you've deleted the Windows updates mentioned upthread, you can go to Control Panel in Windows 7 and Windows 8 (or Windows XP, which I still run on an old HP desktop because it has a wonderful scanner / digitizer combo device connected to it - One so old that it requires installing an Adaptec 2906 SCSI card and infinite DIP switch fiddling, and there are no drivers available for Windows 7 for the device), and set Windows updates to manual, rather than automatic - That way you only get updates when you want them, and then only the components of those updates you select.

I have a couple of Gentoo Linux PCs as well (primarily just for tinkering) - I started my career as a programmer writing device drivers for image acquisition / processing devices (all the way back to the old standalone Gould devices for VAX / VMS with their FORTRAN 77 API) and image display / processing apps for DOS 5.0, SunWindows, and pre-Motif X11 / Xlib  for various flavors of UNIX (Tektroniks UTEK IV (BSD based) and UTEK V (System V based), SunOS (pre-Solaris), Digital's DG/UX, MIPS RISC/OS, IBM's AIX, Altek Xenix for the 386 chipset, SCO UNIX for the 386 chipset, and NDS dsunix, and went from there to writing sockets code for TCP/IP applications for Windows 3.11 using the venerable old Trumpet and Novell APIs.  My coding days are long past, I'm a disgusting Project / Program manager these days, but I still have stacks of CDRs (converted from old mini-cassete data cartridges) with most of my old code on them, and tinkering with the code (or even just reading my old comments in the code) is entertaining on rainy weekends. 

Would that I could abandon Windows altogether, but unfortunately MS Excel, MS Powerpoint, MS Project, and Primavera are where I spend 70% of my days...The other 30% is split between conference calls and weekly reports.   Yeah, the pay and benefits are better, but when I was a coder / sysadmin I didn't dread Mondays, where today I certainly do.

Just a few more years before I'm able to retire, and then my wife's Windows laptop and Windows 8 tablet will be the only remaining Windows machines in my household.
Hello Grandote,Thank you for this information,it really gets me thinking.
you can run the program above, there are several sights that are going to tell you what and how to disable things.
Every time you reboot tracking will return.
Only a business version of Windows will give you the option to turn off the functions.
Its BS for sure.
Look for the ports that allow the communication and block them in your router. That will tell you much.
I have heard a lot of
bad things about Windows 10. I am afraid to upgrade until they work out their problems. I am not sure about the system yet.
I wish the US would make a collective effort to ditch Windows for Linux. It would force software developers to develop and optimize software for other Operating Systems. The only reason I use Windows 7 is because of the plethora of software made exclusively for it.

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