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Tips for Insomnia
This is EXACTLY what I got when I was using it.

Haven't had that in a while, not really suited for this situation. You'll know the Kava is working if your lips and tongue go numb when you're drinking the warm water wash.

I always consumed the plant matter too, but I don't have a gag reflex, so I can't advise on how pleasant or not that may be.
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Do you ever feel the effects of reverse tolerance I am reading about? It seems like a few people build up a tolerance after a few weeks and instead of feeling sleepy, they are energized. I think that would drive me over the edge. It's bad enough right now... Day 3 with no more than 2-4 hours of sleep. The crash isn't coming tonight because I have to be up for work in 4 hours and I am nowhere near winding down.
I haven't experienced that result, though I would say I have experienced reverse tolerance.

What I mean is that my sensitivity to Kava Kava actually grew each subsequent day for the first 3-4 days before plateauing.

It seemed to be MORE effective after my body had 'learned' what to do with it.

but not Kava Kava.
~A man keeps his memories where his money once was~
Miss Hepburn, i just read about something that is a melatonin spray. It's still on IndieGogo, but it's website is 

At least it's easier than the capsules.
Thanks Kittycat. I will check it out. Smile
Magnesium is very good to help with sleep. I've had chronic insomnia since a child.

I would highly recommend anyone give it a try.

Best of luck.

Lets sum up some of the tips in this thread. Beating insomnia means a multi pronged approach. There is no one pill or herb that will work forever for a hard core insomniac. A very mild case can be fixed perhaps with warm milk or a little camomile, perhaps a mg or less of melatonin. Hard head insomniacs need to us every tool at their disposal and rotate the drugs/ supplements they use. A few things can be taken every day

I won't make this into a book so I will just touch the surface. To start, you need good sleep hygiene. That means get some exercise during the day but not late at night. Get sunlight in the morning and make sure you have a dark period at night. That means no tv, no computer use for at least an hour before bed. The blue light tends to wake us up. You also want to avoid a hot bath just before bed, the heat causes more blood circulation which can be counter productive. Do lots of relaxation exercises during the day and just before bed. Relax every part of your body and keep going back over it until you are limp as a noodle. If you have things on your mind, put them aside, you can think about them the next day.

Mild herbs, supplements and drugs that can help. I'm sure there are many others.

valerian root
magnolia bark
jamaican dogwood

Some people may get knocked out by one of the above, some may feel little effect. Next, is a list of non benzo drugs which are stronger and should help more. All will give some tolerance so its good to rotate them and lay off one if it seems to have stopped working or got much weaker

muscle relaxants

Each item has a story, some work well in combo with others, some need to be taken in very small doses.
Thank you Grandnote. This summary is great, especially with so many new members joining us.
An important part of sleep hygeine (at least for me) includes not staying in bed increasing anxiety if you aren't sleeping after about 20 minutes. Get up and do something that you don't have to think alot about. Mindless tv and tabloids are my go to. When you start to feel tired go back to bed and try again.
Also, every sleep doc I have ever seen has said that the bed is only to be used for sex and sleep. That's it. No internet, reading, tv. It is hard but a habit I am glad I broke.
Reading before bed is actually something that really helps me (not to be contrary @Audrey Hepburn).

In fact, The National Sleep Foundation recommends reading, to help put the your body shift into sleep mode, prior to the last hour before going to sleep. And conversely, is against using devises such as computers and electronics, which stimulate the central nervous system...

...but we are all different, so if it works for you, fair play to ya!

Good tips, Audrey, I've heard that before too. I always get up if I can't get to sleep in a reasonable amount of time. Do something, take an herb, use the john, take a sip of something, sit and relax until you feel sleepy again. Staying in bed trying and trying to sleep does not work. Giving up and sitting up for a while often does the job.

Carog, I agree with that. They say don't watch tv or use the computer before bed. For one thing, the screen has a bluish light which is not sleep inducing. Get a pair of amber sunglasses if you watch tv or use the computer after dark. It cuts out the blue light and lets in red which is more sleep inducing.

Glycine that I mentioned is a good one. Its not a knock out but take a teaspoon or so before bed and it makes you sleepy. Its good for health overall, not too expensive if you shop around and can be taken every day. I take a spoon every night. It has a sweet taste. Tart cherry juice too is good for sleeping. They say its because of the melatonin in it or possibly the tryptophan. Its excellent for health too and has many benefits. Who was it that said make food your medicine?

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