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Tips for Insomnia
I too have problems sleeping. I have always been, even as a child one who falls asleep for a couple of hours, wakes up refreshed and is up for a couple of hours and then finishes off falling asleep for a final few. So avg about 5hrs a night. Years ago I did try with my Dr various medications only I still followed my pattern of waking up, etc., and in the morning on some after my second go around, yeah I was zombied out.

One interesting article I saw a week or so ago I read and I have started trying this. I found that from the first night it has taken me less time to fall asleep. I don't know if I will ever get to 60 seconds, but I am finding it relaxing. I don't know if it will solve my waking up situation either. I figure that if it doesn't end up helping me for sleep in the end at least it seems to be helping my body and mind release some of the days stress.

Note: Saturday afternoon I did this breathing just to release some tension I had and before I knew it I had a 3hr nap in. That was not my intention, but it did feel good.
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Hi Harley,
I tried something similar to this a few years ago in a group setting. The group leader led how much air to let in and out and for how long. He ended up tapping me out of tbe group because I was having such a lactic acid? Buildup that I was
Hyperventilating and in extreme pain. Lol. I swear my body reacts oppositely to everything.
For me Seroquel has been the wonder drug for helping me sleep.
Before that I had tried just about every OTC, meletonin, etc.
Also tried other sleeping meds, but nothing worked.
I was on the Seroquel ER, but found that they took too long to kick in and would be taking my meds many hours before I wanted to fall asleep making it very difficult and losing many hours.
With the normal Seroquel I can take it an hour before my desired time, and be in my bed soundly asleep.
Some PDocs say that above, i think 100mg is for bi-polar, but I believe that only to be true if you take Seroquel during the day, which would make me a zombie.
I have no bad effects from it, some I have read get the hangover, but I have no issues getting 7-8 hours without waking up in the middle of the night, and no issues getting out of bed (well no more than normal.. not a morning person!)

Best of luck in your search!
thank u both for sharing.

i am so not a morning person myself, andy.

(hi, yelloeyes!!)
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I had a shift-work job a few years back, and they tested heavily for any intoxicants, so I had to find a different option.

I've actually had really positive results with kava kava, bought as root powder, and mixed with hot water to make a sort of muddled tea.

It's an interesting body-feel that's hard to describe.

I know its IOPlist, but for anyone suffering from insomnia that doesn't want to add another medication, at least give it a shot.

DO NOT bother getting the capsules, it's all old dried useless plant matter. Buy real fresh kava kava root.

You can even get it on Amazon.
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(05-08-2015, 04:24 PM)Charon Wrote: well, me grandma drank herself to sleep.  probably not a good idea. but she made it to her 80's in age.  not so bad.  (hey, that side of me family made beer et al during prohibition.)

i take one or two benadryl.  hopefully with my valium i must take.

then, i listen to partners car shows.  

after i finish hitting my head against the wall, i usually fall asleep.

with autoimmunes, one can take a simple herbal medicine, and it has the reverse effect.  i could be bouncing off walls.

we shall get real advice.  i am just kinda playing cuz i am avoiding the second day in a row of major spring cleaning.  (save me...)

carry on.
That hitting your head against the wall really got me.  I'm still laughing. That's how I feel when the men in the house watch baseball 24/7. Mets.  They never win, and always act surprised. That's the only enjoyment I get out of it.
Stop watching television 1/2 hour before going to bed and review your day in your mind.....quietly.
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Great tip, Popster!

Going to give this a go!
If you can FALL asleep but not STAY asleep, I've found I always sleep better with earplugs and a mask.

Even if it's quiet, the earplugs will keep your mind from wandering.

Of course, I don't take my own advice, because when I sleep well, it always seems to be a night where I'm needed for emergency assistance :/
~A man keeps his memories where his money once was~
Hey Allegory,

I tried kava kava years ago and it did nothing-it was capsules. Thank you so much for the tip about root powdee. It titally makes sense and I never thought of that angle. I will be placing an order tomorriw and will hopefully have positive feedbavk soon.
My problem is falling asleep and staying asleep.

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