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My most recent small subscription was examined when it landed, resulting in a love letter.

In the few emails we exchanged, Q.C.'s response was surprisingly curt. In fact, they were clearly annoyed.
There was attitude. It was directed at me - like this was my fault.  Dodgy
Originally wanting a reship, I supplied them with different delivery details and requested their stealthier service at an extra cost, as advertised on their website.
I was abruptly told "there is no special discreet shipping now".
I was also told (like I should know) that it could be sent via another country with a better chance of arrival - for an extra $10.
When I replied that I had decided against a reship, but instead to opt for their '100% delivery guaranteed or full refund' option, I got a one line reply:-
"I am sorry I have already reshipped your order to the new address you had given"
So. I have a couple of Customer Satisfaction hints for Q.C.
When you decide to delete a service (IE extra cost discreet shipping) then delete the references to it off your website.
If you offer dispatch from different locations for different prices, then specify them.
If you offer both reship and refund options, finalize the decision with the customer before doing anything.

It's a sad fact of life for IOPListers that sometimes magazines don't arrive.  But, you know, whatever, C'est la vie.
This experience with QC has left me feeling like they're a 'fair weather friend' at best.
It's all happy friendly....until something goes wrong.
Use them by all means, but do not to simply order and pay. Contact and clarify all of the available options before proceeding.

Good customer service has a client come away feeling better from a bad situation; not thinking "well that's the last time..."
There's a difference between having an opinion and having an informed opinion.
I have always been worried about packages or addresses being flagged from emails that the vendor has in there email inbox.
So i always use a diff address when ordering and get the vendor to send it to a completely different address, just incase of hackers and the likes.

But you need to contact them via a email that is not advertised. which is easy to do but i cannot explain how it works for obvious reasons.

Anyway i`m sorry to hear about your bad experience, from what i understand there has been postal problems with most vendors over the last month or so.
Fortunately i got lucky and didnt need to order during that period of time. hope everything gets sorted Richardg8092 GL
Thanks peacemaker. I'll be sure to post an update when (or if...) the magazines arrive.
And also whether said vendor has lightened up and included a few extras for the inconvenience.  ( Big Grin Big Grin  I wish!)
Stealth is very important down my end of the world - and any vendor who simply throws magazines into thin envelopes can expect to be sending reship after reship.
If they want to keep any market share down here, they'll need to lift their game.

I suppose I also have to get used to the fact that there are vendors who have previously demonstrated excellent stealth - and they deserve my business.
There are a couple in the <50 area who fit this bill. Yes, their magazines are generally a little more pricey, but at least I end up with something to read at the end of the day.
There's a difference between having an opinion and having an informed opinion.
No problems, i will keep my eyes open for your update as to when u receive your Mags.
To be honest your 291 post helped me because i actually logged into QC for the first time about a year and was considering ordering some magazines but re considered after reading your post. I can understand a vendor being slightly rude if you are annoying them with a lot of pointless messages but if you have proof with a love letter the vendor should be apologetic and understanding especially if they have a guarantee.
Although i will say that in my experience their packaging methods and effort are up there with the best.
But my last order was years ago so anything could happen in that time. So i will probably give them another go depending on a few things and when everything calms down.
All the best Richard

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