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switching up benzos
As title states i basically want to reduce my tolerance for good while been on 3mg xanax,now getting some stock ive basically went to random benzos that have longer half life but are quite weak,ive have taken nitrazepam 5mgs and bromazepam 5mg,both quite old benzos that hardly compare in strength to valium.

interestingly enough jumping down to 15mg of said benzos keeps me stable,and anxiety free for the most part of the day,nitrazepam does have some negative groggy effects in the morning ,but found that im able to cope on such dosage and plan on further dropping to 10mgs daily on said benzos.

Any advice or experiences will being on weaker benzos for couple months decrease tolerance,since have xanax and clonazepam which i stockpiled and dont want to get back to any on until i can be fine on dosage that is lesser then 2mgs per day.

Since i know i wont be able to kick them any time soon and WDs are unpleasant, but still thinking rationally dont want to spiral where i need to have at least 3-4mgs on daily basis to function properly.

Now someone reading might say why dont i stick with whatever i take now and minimum amounts,its basically i have summer off and keep all the stressful situations where i have anxiety to minimum also switching off coffee and eating healthy thus while still feel WDs but they are manageable on small amounts when not doing much.

Any inputs appreciated.
I'm kind of considering the same issue, though I'm on a lower dose of Alps (1 mg). I also have k-pins and etiz. I find the etiz OK only in emergencies, does not really help for anxiety. But I have switched every other day between similar doses of K-pin and Alps and do find my attitude improves a bit, feel a little more energetic, but still keeps the anxiety at bay. I think giving the old receptors something different might be a good thing long term. You just have to stick with a taper schedule and make sure the equivalencies are correct--in theory, you might have better success this way than simply tapering from a single drug. Good luck! I think its very doable to get below 1mg alps by end of summer!
Thx Dynalift, have to say i did run into the wall where yesterday after being close to a week on 15mg on weaker benzos,and day before dropping to 10mgs,got rebounded ,anxiety kicked in suddenly with withdrawal effects,and had to up dosage to 20mg's.

I seem to always hit that path where i think im stable on smaller dosage,then suddenly get hit with rebound anxiety,thou if conversion charts are correct my dosage is still around 20mgs valium when taking more.

Seems i always have this line where im at around 20mgs of valium that is the main obstacle that if i go any lower i eventually suffer WD's when higher dosages wear off after couple days.Just by always going to fast.

Anyway im ranting at this point and repeating myself,guess need to take it slower since benzos for me are essential but i do realize that taking stronger ones or higher dosages isnt a way to go.
ok some update maybe someone will find it useful in future or just reference to myself.Its been almost two weeks on 15mgs of nitrazepam/bromazepam, and
i feel like ive been hit with a brick for them couple weeks. Most days depression/morning anxiety is hitting me hard, mood swings are insane one hour i can be all right then suddenly i feel like de-realization kicks in angry/happy as minutes pass by, sleeping is only time when i feel normal until morning comes and back to square one.

Now to be honest since mentioned being on 3mgs xanax was more like 2 bars a day previously.Its hard to judge tolerance levels do feel as days pass its easier to be on almost 3rd what ive used to take daily, but its definately not a walk in a park, only thing that keeps me of going now back to xanax its terrible short half life which makes dependency grow fast and it loses its any calming properties fast.Now im aware some might not be familiar with benzos named, but purely choose them because they have half life similar to valium, yet are weaker in a way it affects mind thus allows for clear thinking even thou
reducing so rapidly dosage has its WD's effects.

As always any experiences or input is welcome.
I am with dynalift, K-Pins seem to be the kindest of this family of meds! Fairly long lived and a smooth ride most of the day. Forget the old stuff, I have tried out of curiosity and had a vendor throw a few in my order and was not impressed, Just my opinion-FF
(06-14-2017, 12:48 AM)fishfarmer Wrote: I am with dynalift, K-Pins seem to be the kindest of this family of meds! Fairly long lived and a smooth ride most of the day. Forget the old stuff, I have tried out of curiosity and had a vendor throw a few in my order and was not impressed, Just my opinion-FF

thx fishfarmer,yeah im out of old stuff anyways and back to clonz,xanax for sleep keeping it low so far feeling way better then on weaker benzos.atm 3mg daily keeps me have wals incoming since quite used to them but think clonz and vals are main ones for me personally when it comes being anxiety free daily,when picking from all benzos think odd ones to try is always good to know what works in cases when cant get good stuff and a bit of rotation is needed when long time on them.
Have you tried a dual threat antidepressant like Lexapro? It helped curb my anxiety and lessened the need for benzos.
Just heard the same thing from Doc today.She mentioned Lexapro and said they have a new test to determine which is best for an individual after I told her I did not want AD, she asked why and I told her about my nightmare with Paxil years ago, may give it a try but I think since I just lost my job on the farm is the main reason I am out of whack! Hope we all feel better soon! FF
Fishfarmer -- you lost your job on the fish farm? I am so sorry. You hanging in there?
Music is probably the only real magic I have encountered in my life. There's not some trick involved with it. It's pure and it's real. It moves, it heals, it communicates and does all these incredible things. Tom Petty
well ive never looked into ADs before,know the horror stories from 10 or more years ago that most of them did more damage making people suicidal and stuff so staid away.Even thou know its not mass cases with AD but not fond of idea to take smth that usually requires weeks before effects are noticed.

That said im generally go happy person been most my life,so never seen myself as depressed -angry,sad low at times but never constantly.

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