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Hi folks - Ophelia - 09-12-2019

Hi folks been around a while ,good to be back in the community grateful to be here ,always looking to learn and help where i can .Goodwill to all ✌

RE: Hi folks - IceWizard - 09-13-2019

Welcome Ophelia,

I am certainly happy to see you committed to making a Welcome thread, small rule
but it shows a willingness to follow the others we have ..

Looking forward to your posts and your 33% warning has been lifted ...


RE: Hi folks - Roses - 09-13-2019

Hello Ophelia & Welcome to the Forum.  I look forward to your posts Smile

RE: Hi folks - Nobleone - 09-13-2019

Welcome Ophelia enjoy the Forum

RE: Hi folks - willie33 - 09-14-2019

Hello and welcome, Ophelia.  Smile

RE: Hi folks - Charon - 09-14-2019

The rules. I suspect that ye shall be no problem at all.

Welcome to the family. Have a glorious nite.

RE: Hi folks - Lockes - 09-14-2019

Hiya Ophelia,  Welcome  Smile Lots of good people here.

RE: Hi folks - Ophelia - 09-14-2019

Thanks to all for the kind messages folks they're appreiated greatly ✌

RE: Hi folks - Psyboi - 09-18-2019

Hello, Welcome to this amazing community!
You have lots to learn and its fun anyway Smile. The mods here are incredible.

RE: Hi folks - fishfarmer - 09-19-2019

Hello and Welcome Ophelia! A Great song from "The Band" . Glad you found your way home and can contribute, Enjoy the Journey! FF