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Hello!! - mila69 - 12-07-2017

Hi everyone,

I've been a member for awhile, but finally saying hello. Nice to meet you guys. Love the community!

RE: Hello!! - Mad Max - 12-07-2017

Glad you made your welcome thread introduction.

Hope you enjoy ur time here and welcome to you mila69

RE: Hello!! - Furyan66 - 12-07-2017

Welcome mila69

Welcome to the best IOP forum in my opinion since it is much more than an IOP forum. Hit the Rule Book First as this forum stays the best because
of those rules and it's also easy to break em without thinking you ever did. It may seem a bit "strict" but thats what keeps
this forum the best.

You got great people here and the Moderators work long and hard to keep the trash out and drama to a minimum and we always got to help em by making sure to
know the rules cause they are enforced. They protect everyone from you and I to out fantastic vendors.

Best advice to start is to Read, Read and Read some more Rules first of course. Throw a few posts out there under topics you are interested or start a thread and
let everyone get to know you a bit and the doors will start to open for you.

Welcome again and hope you find what you need

Peace to all and a blessed day.


RE: Hello!! - Mikka - 12-07-2017

Hello & Welcome mila69 ! Wink
You will find kind and helpful people here Heart

RE: Hello!! - willie33 - 12-08-2017

Welcome to the forum, mila69. Glad to meet you...Smile

RE: Hello!! - invisiblejungle - 12-10-2017

Hello Mila, and welcome to this special corner of the internet. Hope you find what you're looking for!

RE: Hello!! - djdsk8 - 12-14-2017

Welcome mila69! Hope you find everything you need!

RE: Hello!! - Charon - 12-15-2017

Welcome aboard mila. May u find all u need. I hope u do already know there is a tad bit of a wait during holidays.

Now if I did not link the rules, it would be my fault, if u failed to adhere to same. So, the rules, which we do enforce:

Have a glorious night and holidays and may you receive the desires of your heart in the new year.

RE: Hello!! - K_Dub - 12-15-2017

Welcome, best forum ever.

RE: Hello!! - horsies - 12-17-2017

Well.. welcome anyway mila! Don't forget the rules.. super important.