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Rip off - esbayne - 12-06-2017

I saw ads for Alexander norgan and spoke on the phone many times. He had some things that were unusual. I sent 400 to Caroon ( Nigeria) and then got an email tha DHL had to have a city fee paid before the deliver. He would not give me a DHL number 9As he was full of crap). He wanted 100 dollars to release it. I knew I was ripped off. He said he would pay half if I paid the other half.He kept calling and calling till I blocked his number. What a piece of work. I do not see how some people sleep at night. Please spread his name around and if I can save somebody, anybody and money it will be worth it. I am not stupid and asked for the DHL number but he acted stupid.

Please do not deal with this guy

I am so grateful to the people on her that have helped me out. There aew great people on here and if you find a crook report them to an admin and get them gone !!

T juts cant thank you all enough.

Regards Eddie

RE: Rip off - G.Elias - 12-07-2017

Sorry to hear that you got scammed by the low life.
May be there should be a thread just warning never to order from countries like Nigeria and now Cameroon, well known scammers, anyone reading thinking of ordering from these countries please don't, you won't get anything but a large hole in your bank balance, only legit i know of in that continent are listed on here, southern bit of the continent, there are just 2 legit vendors from there so try sticking with them, check them out first, they don't scam.

RE: Rip off - blandy - 12-07-2017

Thanks for this info i have recently been having a back and fourth with a vendor that claims to ship from Cameroon Pakistan and US has a website with literally everything you could think of on it thanks G.Elias for the country warning. I was already feeling like giving it a miss when i was quoted 2-3 working days for delivery to Europe hahahaha but the words in this thread have made my mind up for me.
Cheers Guys and sorry Esbayne that you had to find out the hard way.

RE: Rip off - esbayne - 12-11-2017

I was glad I could hep you out earilier

regards Eddie