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accutane - Kingzzz - 11-12-2017

does anyone have any suggestions where i could find a place to get it

RE: accutane - Balls and chain - 11-12-2017

Please be careful and read the rules of the forum if you haven't..asking right out for a source is against the rules, buddy.

Accutane did, however, work for me when I was younger and had horrible's cool stuff.

RE: accutane - kristof - 11-13-2017

Here u go first:

And yes R0@ccutane did wonders for me when i was 18-19 years old, BUT it had alot of side effects, u cannot takes this during the summer.
And for a source u will be looking for urself, also keep in mind, u have to take it for months, its gonne cost u a sh*t load of money if u wanna do 1 cure / round.

I also endend up with a infected liver, 1 of the NORMAL side effects, if i was u, i would go to a doctor, cause its not worth the after effects. (Baldness if u start a round at a older age.)