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RE: Anyone used Facebook? - Pineapplepen - 11-21-2017

No way would I use FB for this type of thing. Call me secret agent woman.. Big Grin Angel

Being naturally suspicious of everyone and everything, FB has endless possibilities for being on the radar. No way no how.

RE: Anyone used Facebook? - G.Elias - 11-21-2017

Facebook is like one giant plate always ready to be served up, bosses use it, unis, social security snoopers, everyone as Charon said uses FB as first port of call these days to check up on so many people.
My account that I made years ago wasn't even in my own name, no way, will have to see if i can still make an account under an alias, not checked to see if i can yet. It was useful for meeting back up with people from my earlier years, there were not many who i didn't want to get back in contact with, only bad bit was reading all the damn obituaries of a lot of people I knew who ended up dying far too young due to ODs or chronic illness.

Even when i was able to still login I hardly used it after the novelty wore off, if others enjoy it fair enough, as for using it to buy anything then thats a negative, no thanks, i will pass on any offers like that, scammers paradise, not got money to risk throwing it away.

RE: Anyone used Facebook? - nickolyko - 11-24-2017

FB for this ki9nd of shit ? No, no way . Even if it was really something impossible I would not . You can be traced in a second there . It is like a LE honeypot , stay away . I would also recommend be careful when u use FB and IOP sites from the same PC.

RE: Anyone used Facebook? - Glousck - 12-01-2017

Eh this seems pretty mad. Even in closed groups, FB is still classified as an open forum. There is no way to regulate if the people let in the groups are mature and sensible people who can keep things hush hush or if it's a bunch of kids telling everyone they know about it. Plus since med get sold in closed groups, the same people running them are the same people selling a lot of the time which means it becomes an echo chamber of people saying "WOW amazing will order again!! Such a trustworthy guy!!". How on earth is there any way to predict reliability from the vendor if they delete all posts indicating someone could have been scammed/given bunk stuff/given harmful stuff? There is zero protection from the customer. Go to FB if you want but if you're the type of person who doesn't enjoy crossing their fingers a package will ever arrive then maybe stick with established and trusted vendors here.

RE: Anyone used Facebook? - burnett200 - 12-11-2017

Thanks for all the replies! I was thinking the same thing myself! I guess its too big a company thats given access to so many companies and LE. I remember a police officer from the UK on TV saying that people must be stupid to think that just because you have to login that everything private or not could not be accessible to LE! I did realise it was a really risky thing to do I just wondered what people on here thought about it! One of my friends uses FB for Diaz (msj's) and he always gets them but for how long that's the thing! I really can't wait to get my 50 posts in to access a decent vendor UK based as I'm really struggling to find legit or even any UK vendors! All I want is a small quantity every month to keep me functioning now I'm off the SSRI antidepressants! Which are the worst drugs I've had the experience of taking and the doctor's over here hand them out like sweets but won't even think about giving you a small amount of diaz to use as needed, its an absolute joke! Oh well keep posting and all will be well! God Bless, Eddie

RE: Anyone used Facebook? - IOPNess - 12-13-2017

Horrible idea. Just about the worst one I've heard in a while.

RE: Anyone used Facebook? - Charon - 12-13-2017

As I trust Audrey with my life, I did check. I could have sworn i saw u made a thread IOPness. And, voila!

I suspect u are a member at a couple forums, which many are, and that u use the forum initials as your screen name.

Rather clever. If true. But, feel free to address the question. We have a thread somewhere in here about why we chose our screen names. I aint got time to find it. So, right here would be awesome if you choose to answer!

RE: Anyone used Facebook? - Charon - 12-13-2017

OOPS. don't answer today IOPness. u have been perfect about doing five posts a day till u hit ur first fifty. so, i am not trying to set u up to lose a post by stating u can answer here.

wait till tomorrow. I would feel so badly if I got you in trouble.

RE: Anyone used Facebook? - horsies - 12-17-2017

Ordering from FB? That's sounds like an awful idea, esp. with fakes going around and leos. I don't think anyone legit would post that they have something, of that nature, on FB unless they had ulterior motives. Be careful with that!!

RE: Anyone used Facebook? - burnett200 - 12-19-2017

Yes my thoughts exactly! Just need my 50 posts to get a vendor, I'm dying without one lol! Got of macro a few weeks back but I'm only after a small amount so its not worth ordering from him, anyway, God Bless, Eddie