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Anyone used Facebook? - burnett200 - 11-10-2017

Hey guys, I've heard you can get nearly anything from certain closed groups. One is called UDLS not been on it yet but was just wondering if any of you guys had tried ordering by this route?

RE: Anyone used Facebook? - invisiblejungle - 11-10-2017

I've heard about people buying stuff on FB but pesonally that is one thing I'm not interested in trying. Please let us know if you have any success with it.

RE: Anyone used Facebook? - burnett200 - 11-10-2017

Will do, I'm in the middle of investigating it now. Will update you guys when I know more. God Bless, Eddie

RE: Anyone used Facebook? - Audrey Hepburn - 11-10-2017

It is a bad idea. You have no idea how much LE is dripping off of FB, looking for this type of thing. I'd stay far away, but if you do it, pls be careful and safe.

RE: Anyone used Facebook? - Pliko - 11-10-2017

I agree with Audrey. I would not trust facebook to buy anything like that, if you go down that route you might as well Tor it up and go on silkroad 3.0 or whatever it is these days. Once you start using vendors selling all manner of things then you open yourself up to all sorts of legal action not to mention the questionable quality of meds. Better to stick to well known and reputable pharmacies which carry actual medicines and operate within local laws.

RE: Anyone used Facebook? - barq- - 11-13-2017

Whilst I agree with the general caution, it is surprisingly common for sales to be made this way. I find it surprising from a vendor perspective, as it seems a very obvious way of getting caught dealing. But it is going on across several social networks. In some instances it is localised so the transaction would be face to face and not by mail (more common in cities, for obvious reasons). Sometimes with these in-person deals teenagers are used because if they are caught the penalty is less serious. In some parts of the world this is closely tied in with gang related crime. In the UK, gangs from London and Birmingham are running the distribution far beyond those city boundaries. But all this gets tied up with seriously controlled drugs that we do not mention on this forum, so it is an extremely murky world.

That said, there is someone I trust on this forum who knows at least one legit supplier in the UK who operates on social media. But that's all I'm willing to share about it out of respect for him and the forum rules.

RE: Anyone used Facebook? - burnett200 - 11-14-2017

Thanks for the feedback guys! I've a friend that gets good meds at good prices so I reckon I'm gonna make an order next time UK to UK as well so all the better. It's too dodgy getting from abroad UK customs are pretty good I reckon! God Bless, Eddie

RE: Anyone used Facebook? - Audrey Hepburn - 11-14-2017

No joke, it is safer to assume they are fraudulent. I know of f€ds whose only job is to troll fb looking for pedophiles. Years ago they ran into so many profiles like this that locally they brought in more manpower just for this activity. It is a really bad idea.

RE: Anyone used Facebook? - mr nobody - 11-16-2017

What is this "Acelook" of which you speak?  I may have seen it and believe it to be sorcery of the worst kind-like one ring to rule them all.

For sweaters and parrot pictures fine-anything else ?  Into the the fires of Mordor!
 (may have messed some of that up-been a while since I saw/read the series.)

Not thinking this is a great idea...really.

RE: Anyone used Facebook? - Pebbles1 - 11-19-2017

LE uses facebook. This is a fact. Look elsewhere would by my suggestion