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best supplment for good skin? - yellowdog - 08-29-2017

I know there are supplments esp for the skin, but are there supplments high in EFA that will help improve the skin without costing $40 plus.

I try and eat salmon and nuts  often and I have seen an improvement.

I see plenty of omega fish oil, but I want something that can make my SKIN look better.

any ideas?

RE: best supplment for good skin? - Audrey Hepburn - 08-29-2017

Drink nothing but water during the day.

RE: best supplment for good skin? - Melissa - 08-31-2017

Yes. Lots of water and also coconut oil is good for skin and hair. Also healing. Is good to leave on hair overnight and it makes fuller and thick when washed out over days.

RE: best supplment for good skin? - reilli - 09-02-2017

Like others said; drink LOTS of water, take pure Salmon Oil capsules (make sure it's pure) and Vitamin E.

RE: best supplment for good skin? - yellowdog - 09-03-2017

Thanks for all your advice ,

I don't like pure water but I assume drinking flavoured water would do the same job?

I take multi vit and fish oil supplement and try to eat foods with good fats.

my skin is looking healthier when I look back at old photots I can really see the difference.

I no longer drink alcohol so I'm sure that's had an effect.

RE: best supplment for good skin? - MoonChild - 09-07-2017

Fish oil is amazing for your skin, its also a natural anti-inflamatory so it helps clear up acne. Gotta take it on the regular to see results.

Vitamin c also helps the elasticity of the skin. Again, has to be taken on the regular.

Retin a is amazing, but it has its own problems.

RE: best supplment for good skin? - yellowdog - 09-22-2017

Thanks moom child.

my main concern with retin A, is that a lot of it is fake.

living in the UK, there are not many options outside ebay and amazon and a lot of them have proven to be fake.

I don't have issues with acne. I am very pale and wan looking and I just want to look healthy.

RE: best supplment for good skin? - TruckKing1268 - 10-07-2017

Drink lots of water, take cold shower, apply a good alcohol free lotion directly after bathing. Here in the US Retin A is mostly prescribed for acne and wrinkles but I have heard many folks say it is also a good part of skin maintenance early in life.

RE: best supplment for good skin? - Mustang67 - 10-10-2017

Try taking Biotin--it is all natural and helps with skin, nails and hair.

Also a regular multi-vitamin supplement is always good to help boost your system.

RE: best supplment for good skin? - Dory67 - 10-17-2017

If you can’t use RetinA cream the micro gel is gentle. If you can’t use it at all, glycolic acid creams or retinol is very good. I also take a lot of vit.C internally along with reg vit min supplement. And I use VitC in the form of ascorbic acid on my face everyday. It is amazing , gives brightness , clarity and helps with dark circles and sun spots. I buy it in power form and add a bit to tsp water and rub it all over my face before I use any other product. I dyi because ascorbic acid doesn’t have a long shelf life. You could also add it to face cream after dissolving it in a little water. Also using a Clarisonic will increase the absorption of all skin care products dramatically. I wouldn’t be without it!