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Unknown Diazepam - Sunglassesron - 06-07-2017

Has anyone cone across 10mg valium with just a scoring line and a 10 virtually the size the tablet on the reverse side?  Vendor says they are Martin not so sure.

Can anyone help?

RE: Unknown Diazepam - G.Elias - 06-08-2017

Maybe search online for M Dow valium,see what comes up in image results.

RE: Unknown Diazepam - reilli - 06-08-2017

I got some of these too, don't know what kind they are. They were supposed to be Roche but I dunno if they are.

RE: Unknown Diazepam - Sunglassesron - 06-08-2017

Id already looked online but had no success. Well they seem to be kosher so that's the main thing I'm sure they aren't Martin Dow ones though

RE: Unknown Diazepam - reilli - 06-09-2017

They aren't the strongest but they are real.

RE: Unknown Diazepam - kristof - 06-10-2017

Pictures for Blue Round Pill Imprint TEVA 3927 <==== copy and google this on pictures.

Does it look like the 3th picture it show on google?

RE: Unknown Diazepam - cmdline - 06-13-2017

blue score 10 = valium,def not roche though.valium has a bit of distinct mushy taste when it melts, and yes plenty of companies unkown to us make different generic brands with few imprints, that besides knowing exact manufacturer and getting to see few picks otherwise would be hard to tell what is it.

RE: Unknown Diazepam - Sunglassesron - 06-13-2017

The vals actually seem I'm just not sure what they are!

RE: Unknown Diazepam - D-izzy - 06-13-2017

I've PM'ed you Sunglassesron...Can't be too careful enough these days, espcially ATM!!

Anyway, I hope it helps answer your question!


Also, when I say the same; I mean EXACTLY that!!

The size of the "10" lettering made me remember as its the only time i've seen it like that...


RE: Unknown Diazepam - nj42086 - 06-23-2017

it sounds like it was just a home press. were they loose or blistered? either way if I don't know it would make me nervous but someone said they were real so hey, if it works it works