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US Review - gvw123 - 06-28-2016

There are some good reviews and feedback but I think you have to have your 50 post and also on because it may be against the rules

RE: US Review - 1real5 - 09-02-2016

So there is actually stuff here, I just have to have 50 posts to see it?

RE: US Review - Charon - 09-02-2016

We keep email sources, SYs, and a couple special people in restricted area.

we do not allow US to US sources.

RE: US Review - Audrey Hepburn - 06-10-2017

Your first post is to go under the Welcome section. There is also a section for all of our rules to the forum. It you plan on sticking around, it is highly suggested that you read the rules several times, then spend signifigant amounts of time reading threads. Many of your answers will be answered there.

RE: US Review - Charon - 09-17-2017

fifty quality posts for your first fifty. i cannot do caps or full sentences as i type too buggery bollocks much. and i am disabled. owie.

but, u can make a full sentence. a few have expressed concerns to me.

We are family. We have worked unbelievably hard to run an ethical forum without drama and BS. So, five posts a day. But quality posts. In on topic areas. Such as about vendors or chronic pain, et al.

We don't share unless we trust you. It is brutal out there now. Right now u are not acting as though u want to be part of our family forum. u just want the info.

that attitude won't last here. But, good luck.

RE: US Review - bwitherite - 11-05-2017

So far I have seen many positive people here without all the backstabbing I have seen on some forums. Looking out for each other is definitely important for what we do.

RE: US Review - Mapurv - 11-07-2017

Just a couple more and I will be there! Looking forward to the gold that has been stashed away! Smile

RE: US Review - bwitherite - 11-08-2017

Although I am under 50, I️ still believe that any special sources should be kept under wraps. It is imperative that special people be protected and be made readily available for any true members that follow the rules, participate, and do not cause trouble. New bug on phone software, when I type i, could come up I️ .