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RE: MYLESMEDS.NET - mucu101 - 09-30-2017

Ok charon, I apologise if i said anything I wasn't supposed to!!

Wont happen again!

RE: MYLESMEDS.NET - horsies - 10-01-2017

Myles has always been good to me!

Mucu.. just wait the full 30.. things are slow sometimes.

RE: MYLESMEDS.NET - Charon - 10-01-2017

deal, 101. just please don't upset my mods. i understand enthusiasm. but, u don't understand how targetted forums and vendors have been. so, we keep everything in code, in PM, in your own email, but just not on the open forums.

but, you got a deal. i accept the apology of behalf of our team, and u follow the rules. it takes awhile. we are an unusual forum and none of us wants undue attention.

That is why God created PM message. At fifty posts.

RE: MYLESMEDS.NET - Quadz_88 - 10-03-2017

Also apologize Charon if I did something I shouldn't The last thing I'd want for is upset the mods and yourself Charon!!?

RE: MYLESMEDS.NET - Mrchuckey12 - 10-04-2017

Still waitin! I’m hoping that damn operation didn’t shoot my bird and steal it!

RE: MYLESMEDS.NET - dupree - 10-04-2017

(10-04-2017, 11:57 AM)Mrchuckey12 Wrote: Still waitin! I’m hoping that damn operation didn’t shoot my bird and steal it!

 Hi MrChuckey, I received pt 1 of my order yesterday. My bird flew for 18 days including weekends so I'M hopeful pt 2 lands any day. Quality was excellent as well. Yours should land any day I would think... Hang in there bud.
  I would definately use again abeit they are a little slower than some other vends.

RE: MYLESMEDS.NET - Mrchuckey12 - 10-04-2017

Arrived! 20-21 days. Not bad at all and as usual MYles quality is top of the line. Thank you so much, MYles. You’ve always been great to work with and a good friend Smile

RE: MYLESMEDS.NET - Charon - 10-04-2017

glad to hear it mr chuckey. so happy for u.

RE: MYLESMEDS.NET - mucu101 - 10-08-2017

Your books will arrive from MYLes,
Im still waiting, but still got a wee while to go yet as only been 1week since mailed to my country.
But i know theyll arrive in anothe week to two.......fingers crossed!

RE: MYLESMEDS.NET - Quadz_88 - 10-08-2017

I’m really hoping they will land this week coming up it’s been about 26 days.. but I still have faith I’ve heard stories of them Landing on the fourth week. Anyways optimism is key !!!! And I shall leave it in the hands of the universe. I’m extremely happy for all of those that have received there’s!!! Smile

Maybe  T.O. is really slow to receive??