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RE: MYLESMEDS.NET - horsies - 08-21-2017

Always great communication and service, excellent all around. I'd recommend Myles to anyone looking for a good quality read.

RE: MYLESMEDS.NET - Lockes - 09-04-2017

Recently ordered another subscription from Myles, everything went the same....magazines came right on time, excellent reading and packaging, excellent communications.....will be ordering the new mags when they come out : )


RE: MYLESMEDS.NET - Mylesmeds - 09-08-2017

Just wanted to drop by and say Hi to everyone!

Wishing forum friends good health.

RE: MYLESMEDS.NET - Quadz_88 - 09-08-2017

Thanks so much for the info. He responds so quickly which is completely awesome just put in my excited !!!!!!!

RE: MYLESMEDS.NET - nj42086 - 09-11-2017

Its only two items probably because of what he can get with both reliability and consistent quality.

RE: MYLESMEDS.NET - Ladybug - 09-12-2017

..and I have used him, he is great love the pkging and the products are make in the usa - but must have patience but that is part of his plan to keep us safe ---- love love the man

RE: MYLESMEDS.NET - cfand8 - 09-14-2017

Received package as promised and when I had questions, the responsiveness was great. Will definitely use again!

RE: MYLESMEDS.NET - Charon - 09-15-2017

17. DO NOT in any case discuss the medication you ordered openly in any vendors thread. Please post only your experience from payment to delivery and reviews of the product you received whether good or bad.

RE: MYLESMEDS.NET - horsies - 09-21-2017

Quadz,amjd.. you will not be dissapointed! Take care!

RE: MYLESMEDS.NET - nj42086 - 09-21-2017

I agree with ladybug, super-duper stealth. Quality is also top notch