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RE: - waynewillims - 10-14-2016

I recently ordered from myles and my books have not arrived.i really have no reason to get worried yet its only been been 15 days he says the time limit is 30 days and dont worry if it doesnt arrive he will refund me no questions. He seems like a good guy been in bussiness 8 years. Anyone had problems? Huh

RE: - Charon - 10-14-2016

did u read the thread? u would know if anyone had problems.

we do not spoon feed newbies here. U must read.

RE: - Mrchuckey12 - 11-16-2016

Hey Myles - how's everything going buddy?

RE: - Mylesmeds - 11-17-2016

(11-16-2016, 05:35 PM)Mrchuckey12 Wrote: Hey Myles - how's everything going buddy?

All is good my friend!

We are still in service. For new customers just email us at

For exisiting clients, use the last email we used for correspondence.


RE: - Mrchuckey12 - 11-18-2016

Glad you're still up and running! - Mylesmeds - 11-30-2016

Hi All!

MailĀ takes a bit longer on the months of december, the average is 4 weeks.

Just wanted to give a heads up to everyone about this!

Wishing everyone good health and great spirits!


RE: - 45ACP - 12-13-2016

Hi, is there a new site to browse? Or are we email only here?

RE: - Charon - 12-13-2016

according to myles himself, email is the way to go rite now.

RE: - Mylesmeds - 12-14-2016

Thanks charon!

Site will be up on theĀ 1st quarter of 2017.

We are still in business, you may email us at:
For existing customers, please use the last email we used for correspondence.

You may also check our official instagram page, just type in Mylesmeds

RE: - kristof - 12-14-2016

Do u guys stil sell only the same 2 pr0ducts?