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  Hi there,brand new
Posted by: Justice1 - Today, 08:34 AM - Forum: Welcome - Replies (4)

Hello everyone,I just replied to a post regarding kratom which is a legal product,im not sure if its ok to give another member info on kratom resources on the public forum so im needing to check rules again.Its murky because it is not a medicine but a tree leaf. i wanted to say hello first,I am in the Northwest USA,and used to belong toanother forum called international pharmacies,I think I paid like 30 bucks a year on that one.I lost contact with it and I don't think it exists anymore but who knows.
  Ive had some serious medical drama over the summer and fall,extreemely painfull and i had pain pills in hospital but none were issued upon discharge,have RA,also am a nurse.It is so ironic that i should come down with this painfull condition right when doctors will not prescribe anything for thew pain--seems they are just not acknowledging it..Afraid for there licenses,IDK.I feel betrayed as I have helped people for 28 yrs as an RN and now I cant even leave the house due to pain and fatigue..Have a RA specialist appt28th and assume i will be prescribed methotrexate,it has taken from July to the 28th of this month to get to a specialist,i really want to get to enjoy life and start swimming laps again,its my meditation..the medical system is really messed up so fragmented.Ok thats my opening post--if an admin. could advise me about if its ok to post a kratom source please.I wanted to help the poster,but know there are rules,read them but since krat. does not fit into any category of products typically posted maybee its ok?Being cautious and will wait for message from sr. member or admin,,then answer the post Smile

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Big Grin GUTEN TAG, Friends!! :)
Posted by: FootballKing - Today, 04:50 AM - Forum: Welcome - Replies (3)

Hiiiii!!!!  Just thought I would post on the welcome thread again for a fresh start.  Smile 

I've been a member for awhile, not always super active or a ton of posts.. But I have a lot of experience (both ups and downs) with a few of the top vendors.  I'm looking to be more active on the forum to anticipate these ups and downs, and also to help newer folks anticipate these.  I have seen sooo many great runs, and then small dips, and then huuugeee dips. but it always comes back!  Keep the faith!

Quick add-on.. It's just about that season where the mail gets crazy, right?? Or actually.. we're already in the crazy mail season. Our magazine subscriptions are going to take much longer these next couple months. Be prepared!

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  Massive US military social media spying
Posted by: Linville - Today, 01:45 AM - Forum: World News - No Replies

Massive US military social media spying archive left wide open in AWS S3 buckets

[color=rgba(27, 27, 27, 0.65098)]Dozens of terabytes exposed, your tax dollars at work[/color]
By [color=var(--body-font-color)]Iain Thomson in San Francisco 17 Nov 2017 at 20:08[/color]

Three misconfigured AWS S3 buckets have been discovered wide open on the public internet containing "dozens of terabytes" of social media posts and similar pages – all scraped from around the world by the US military to identify and profile persons of interest.

The archives were found by veteran security breach hunter UpGuard's Chris Vickery during a routine scan of open Amazon-hosted data silos, and these ones weren't exactly hidden. The buckets were named centcom-backup, centcom-archive, and pacom-archive.

CENTCOM is the common abbreviation for the US Central Command, which controls army operations in the Middle East, North Africa and Central Asia. PACOM is the name for US Pacific Command, covering the rest of southern Asia, China and Australasia.

Vickery told The Register today he stumbled upon them by accident while running a scan for the word "COM" in publicly accessible S3 buckets. After refining his search, the CENTCOM archive popped up, and at first he thought it was related to Chinese multinational Tencent, but quickly realized it was a US military archive of astounding size.

"For the research I downloaded 400GB of samples but there were many terabytes of data up there," he said. "It's mainly compressed text files that can expand out by a factor of ten so there's dozens and dozens of terabytes out there and that's a conservative estimate."
[color=rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.65098)][Image: secret_service_shutterstock1.jpg?x=174&y=115&crop=1]
Leaky S3 bucket sloshes deets of thousands with US security clearance


Just one of the buckets contained 1.8 billion social media posts automatically fetched over the past eight years up to today. It mainly contains postings made in central Asia, however Vickery noted that some of the material is taken from comments made by American citizens.
The databases also reveal some interesting clues as to what this information is being used for. 

Documents make reference to the fact that the archive was collected as part of the US government's Outpost program, which is a social media monitoring and influencing campaign designed to target overseas youths and steer them away from terrorism.
Vickery found the Outpost development configuration files in the archive, as well as Apache Lucene indexes of keywords designed to be used with the open-source search engine Elasticsearch. Another file refers to Coral, which may well be a reference to the US military's Coral Reef data-mining program.

"Coral Reef is a way to analyze a major data source to provide the analyst the ability to mine significant amounts of data and provide suggestive associations between individuals to build out that social network," Mark Kitz, technical director for the Army Distributed Common Ground System – Army, told the Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association magazine Signal back in 2012.

"Previously, we would mine through those intelligence reports or whatever data would be available, and that would be very manual-intensive."

Before you start scrabbling for your tinfoil hats, the army hasn't made a secret of Coral Reef, even broadcasting the awards the software has won. And social media monitoring isn't anything new, either.

However, it is disturbing quite how easily this material was to find, how poorly configured it was, and that the archives weren't even given innocuous names. If America's enemies – or to be honest, anyone at all – are looking for intelligence, these buckets were a free source of information to mine.

After years of security cockups like this in the public and private sectors, Amazon has tried to help its customers avoid configuring their S3 buckets as publicly accessible stores, by adding full folder encryption, yellow warning lights when buckets aren't locked down, and tighter access controls.

"This was found before these new Amazon controls were added," Vickery said. "So we have yet to see how effective that yellow button will be."

Vickery said he notified the American military about the screwup, and the buckets have now been locked down and hidden. Unusually, the military contact thanked him for bringing the matter to their attention – usually talking to the armed forces is a "one-way street," Vickery said.

The Register asked the army for comment, and for more details on Outpost and Coral Reef, but wheels turn slowly in the Green Machine. We'll update the story as soon as more information is known. ®

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  Hello everyone
Posted by: blandy - Today, 12:07 AM - Forum: Welcome - Replies (4)

Hi everyone and thanks for accepting me into this forum I'm looking forward to learning as much as I can, starting with the rules which I will be familiarizing myself with as soon as I've had a good night's sleep. Until next time good bye guys and gals.

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Posted by: FredC - Yesterday, 07:20 AM - Forum: Welcome - Replies (4)

Good morning from the land of very expensive prescription drugs (Switzerland) ..thanks for allowing me to join and I have already learned a lot just reading through the various posts. I hope i can contribute quality information at some point a well.

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Posted by: horsies - 11-16-2017, 07:12 PM - Forum: Who's Got It - Replies (4)

Any Kratom vendors?.. if so do you have Red Maeng Da Kratom, or any red strains?  PM me if you are into Kratom anyway, laws are 

changing where I live and I'd like to find a reliable source with decent prices.  I do need quantity though.  If anyone knows a vendor for

 Kratom that has massive stock please PM me.  I will be checking over the site later.  I am used to a certain price and hoping I can

keep it around the same.. already costs me about 250$ a month.  It is the only thing I take for pain.  Thanks in advance to everyone!

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  Kratom ILLEGAL in USA
Posted by: horsies - 11-16-2017, 06:14 PM - Forum: Legal Issues - Replies (1)

Looks like it had a good run but the DEA and now customs will be looking for Kratom  (affecting large packages of any kind im

sure).  I dont think the BEA is gonna stop them this time.  Pretty sure it's done. So sad bc that is the only thing I use for pain

and I know plenty of addicts that it helped quit.  People are messaging me very upset, I'm really upset about this myself.  I need to 

move across the pond..

This country is a joke.  My Vendor in US refuses to ship after the law passes.  But I'm sure we can all agree that won't stop us 

from getting these God given plants like MJ and Kratom.  Sad day... anyone that wants to keep up with the legal issues for 

Kratom, I'll try to keep ya posted on this thread.  This is terrible news, God bless all those in pain and/or recovery that are 

going to be affected.  Also, Kratom vendors get ready Wink

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Star The Basics for anyone who wants to know
Posted by: whatapain - 11-16-2017, 02:20 AM - Forum: Medical Marijuana - Replies (1)


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  Holiday Cheer
Posted by: Audrey Hepburn - 11-16-2017, 12:52 AM - Forum: The Lounge - Replies (7)

Well, somehow the holidays snuck up on us and is in full swing before Thanksgiving. The 24/7 holiday music started 2 weeks ago here. So for all the new members, we started a thread like this last year as a way to blow off holiday steam, share a happy song or memory, or just to support each other through the holidays. It is a rough time for a lot of us.
Feel free to post any holiday themed...anything. Smile

So this is still my all time favorite Thanksgiving video of all time.

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  guess it is off topic
Posted by: mr nobody - 11-15-2017, 05:39 PM - Forum: The Lounge - Replies (4)

Have not posted much lately-too much stress just like everyone else.  Funny how you can connect with people online but the people you see everyday can feel like strangers-some "friends" are going through hard times as are me and many but I am at my limit.  Also I do not like telling people how to live-even when they are hurting themselves-lost too many over the years.

Will try to cheer up and be more useful in next few days.

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