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(11-12-2017, 12:17 PM)BigGuy82 Wrote: [ -> ]It’s been 2.5 months and nothing new. Used a different address for my last delivery and now I should be good for atleast 6-9 months. Seems like it was nothing but I figure I’ll just lay low since I have no immediate need.

Hey BigGuy,
Just thought that I would chime in with the fact that my brother got a similar letter nearly 4 months ago. He is known to have mags delivered to that address. He trashed the letter and continued to use that same address. So far, it's all good. No additional contact from anyone. Cheers.
I received a certified mail letter from customs. They are claiming 100x the amount ordered. Does it mean business when sent certified? They claim the value at over $8,000. Not sure what to do. Is it lawyer time? The letter was a little different than the standard one.
(10-17-2018, 11:09 PM)Salty Wrote: [ -> ]What???? OMG.... certified I would personally get a legal opinion. Char can help you. you need 8 posts and you can PM her or if she sees the post she can PM you. God I hope that's not the new standard!

Yeah I’m pretty stressed. I’ve been reading mixed things online from your f’ed to getting two in one year with nothing happening.
When I got mine I went into a full blown panic attack,i could hardly walk back into the house,then I threw up! Mine was from up state,they gave me all these options,to call them,make an appointement for a meeting/hearing,to bring Doctor's letter or Special DEA letter stating reason.To cover my ass I called my lawer and told my Dr.,better safe than sorry.I then came on here and talked to many others that gotton one before.Needless to say I got rid of everything,changed addrss,slowed down and nothing happened. GoodLuckMyFriend.
Deny ... Deny ... Deny ...

I would NEVER admit that I had ANYTHING coming to me via U$P$ ... Period ...

I mean Who would send stuff to me, without me sayin so ...

I never had anything "illegal" or otherwise in my possession!!!!

Ignorance is bliss ... Prove it ...

Then, get a P.0. box in another city ....

AMEN BROTHER! LESSON LEARNED!,its scary ordering MaryKay Mens Lotion! online. HappyHoliday Week!
I retired in good standing as an attorney. Please don't give people false hopes that I am desirious of practicing law. no more.

...salty: the practice of law is very serious. very costly.

I would not have full disability if I still practiced law. Eh wot?

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