Full Version: Add a local (on pc) photo from phots section?
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Can I insert a local photo, one from my pc, to the "photo" section of the "Lounge"?  When I  try I can't find a "browse" type button, only a window that allows me to add url?

thanks, Spanky
It's not here?
our photographers will know. i don't recall as i don't have time much. but, far as i know, one clicks on the black "new reply: button.

do their message. at bottom of email or post, one is allowed to browse for a picture to put up.

i have a couple saved. i think i shall save them as for my eyes only.

but, if new reply button does not work, one of two things we shall learn: that admin of steel or one of our budding photographers will know the proper answer, OR, its possible its a glitch. we had some glitches a week or two back.

not of late.

just pick the testing area in suggestions corner, and try. and, someone with wisdom will come by. i have no pics saved but a couple, and i shall not put them up.

good luck.
You are correct Charon ,you have to hit the black new reply to see the pic I posted.
Hit the NEW Reply Button and these click on Choose File and upload from your PC.
bless both ur hearts for the help. i have done it. Just a tad bit under the weather and it gets tricky to recall.

thank u kenzyme and my steel.

thank you all .

You are great members and friends, all the way !
Linville and I have been discussing how to post a picture directly to the forum from your hard drive w/o using 3rd Party Hosting.
This is a Test. 

Using the "Attachments" utility, the result I get is shown below:

The Massive Binary Star and Developing Super Nova Eta Carinae
This is What Heaven Looks Like

Yay, it worked!. Glad I won't have to use a 3rd Party website to add pictures to my posts. Linville, are you getting this? Admin of Steel has solved our problem. Thanks Steel!

Da Boid
Good deal Raven !

Just a reminder Raven is to strip the metadata out of personal pictures if it is an issue

I had a poor memory on this one BlackBird sorry but now is refreshed again

Good job Raven !
Isnt there a limit to how big a picture can be?

Cause that picture is HUUUUUUUUUUUUGGGGEEEEEEEEEE! Big Grin Big Grin
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